Our Story

We come from a background of entrepreneurship, organizational psychology, entertainment, music, art, and photography. Forever Legendz was created as an outlet to hone our skills as illustrators, digital artists, painters and photographers. We incorporate our inspirations into our products from legendary figures/trailblazers to classical literature and inspirational messages that are considered public domain and copyright free.

We started a brand creating legendary apparel and products that we love and proud to use ourselves, while keeping eco-friendly in mind. All products are made in the USA. Our offices are in AZ and Southern California. We want our products to exceed your expectations and bring beauty to the everyday.

If you have any questions about our products or are interested in custom orders, feel free to email us at contact@foreverlegendz.com.

~ Victoria and Ilana

Our Background

Prior to launching Forever Legendz, we formed a friendship of over 20 years.

Ilana is an organizational psychologist by profession. With her incredible artist talent and an urge to create, she is the hand behind our artwork.

Victoria was a successful businesswoman in the entertainment industry. She managed TOOL and got Tyler Hilton his first record deal. She has worked with David Gahan of DePeche Mode for over 30 years, but it was Rod Stewart who gave her start in the music business.

In 2012, Victoria had a major accident that resulted in a traumatic brain injury which impaired her cognitive speech, energy, and memory. Ilana visited with Victoria often, recognizing her determination to overcome this difficult time. The more frequent the visits, the more Victoria improved. In 2015, they created an online magazine called Faverie (means favorite in French), to capture all of the FAVE things that Victoria loved. The purpose of this collaboration was intended to help Victoria stimulate her cognitive ability, regain her memory and gradually transition back to a resilient, intelligent, and creative individual. It worked! They both realized they needed a creative outlet and so together they launched Forever Legendz in 2017.