Our Story

Victoria and Ilana, the founders of Forever Legendz, come from a background of entrepreneurship, organizational psychology, entertainment, music, art, and photography. Forever Legendz was inspired by our love for friendships and supporting each other.

Friends help us overcome challenges, fears and guide us toward courage. Friends will offer fresh clarity and perspective about how we might practice it anew. They refine who we are so that we can look closely at what fulfills us most and makes us stronger.  We want our clothes to spread the message of friendship, positivity, empowerment, and spirituality.

Our journey began with unique apparel collections designed in Southern California. We carefully choose our eco-friendly and super soft fabrics, edgy graphics and vibrant colors. Everything we make means something to us.


Our Background

Prior to launching Forever Legendz, we formed a friendship of over 20 years. In 2012, Victoria encountered a traumatic brain injury accident that impaired her cognitive speech, energy, and memory. Ilana visited with Victoria often, recognizing her determination to overcome this difficult time. The more frequent the visits, the more Victoria improved. In 2015, we created an online magazine called Faverie (means favorite in French), to capture all of the FAVE things that Victoria loved. The purpose of this collaboration was intended to help Victoria stimulate her cognitive ability, regain her memory and gradually transition back to a resilient, intelligent, and creative individual. Once Victoria felt she was back to herself and with Ilana's passion for art, Forever Legendz was launched.

Through our experiences, we realized that our bond was beyond professional but a true friendship representing women empowering women, supporting and inspiring each other.  Through friendship and perseverance, and using a curious mind to step outside of our comfort zone, we can overcome anything. It's all about positivity and people coming together to help champion other people in their time of need. We are each a legend in our own right.

If you have any questions about our products or are interested in wholesaling or custom orders, feel free to email us at contact@foreverlegendz.com.